Meetings every Thursday in Harvill 404 @ 5pm.

Come join us every Thursday and take a peek inside the amazing world of SHPE UA. Did we mention we always have free food at our meetings!?

Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow.

SHPE UA inspires members to create a better future for themselves by providing great opportunities such as networking with various companies, leadership development worksops, and community outreach.

Academics come first!

Academics always come first! At SHPE UA, we want you to succeed, so make sure to give it your best and make school your number one priority!

University of Arizona

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers


We take pride in the high level of academics our members have achieved and continue to achieve.


We teach our members the fundamentals to become leaders in their communities and serve as role models.

Community Outreach

We hold 3+ community outreach events each year that reach out to hundreds of people to help bring recognition to the STEM fields.


We welcome anyone to join SHPE and become part of our familia! Our members even go as far as calling this chapter their home away from home!

Recent Events
Why Choose Us

Professional Development

Guests from companies like Raytheon, IBM, and Intel will tell you what your resume should look like; what kinds of things you should say at an interview; how to dress at a career fair; and will answer those tough questions you really want answered. To top it off, SHPE sponsored conferences are open for your taking!

Academic Development

We bring you experienced representatives who are behind study abroad, graduate school and internship opportunities. Learn what you have to do to set yourself up for academic success, from how you can prepare to how you can apply.

Leadership Development

To complement the many opportunities of leadership within committees, outreach events, fundraisers, LeaderSHPE, but you can also get the chance to attend RLDC, and as a member of the executive Board, you can attend NILA. These conferences are an excellent way to learn what it takes to become the a strong leader in all the right aspects. The opportunities are endless - it's up to you to go get them and make them work for your advantage!

And we like to have fun!

It can't go without saying that we are one of the largest most active Engineering clubs and campus and we know how to have fun, while still focusing on a strong academic performance and helping out in our community.

SHPE University of Arizona

Come join us for one of our meetings held in Chavez 400 every Monday @ 5PM. Remember, we attempt to always provide free food, and if that's not enough, our meetings are always fun and meaningful!

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